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Corporate Information: Mission & Core Values

Corporate Mission
Hunza Properties Berhad being engaged in property related industries,commit to prudent expansion within our areas of specialization and expertise, declare that it is our mission to

    • excel in serving our chosen market
    • deliver high quality and valued products to our customers
    • care for the welfare of our employees
    • serve the interest of our shareholders
    • contribute to our society


We do it RIGHT
Conducting business guided by our RIGHT core values will enable us to achieve our mission

Core Values

Hunza practises the highest ethical, social and legal standards in all business dealings. By being reliable, we achieve trust and respect.

Hunza emphasizes on integrity to build confidence and cement long term business partnerships and to be a responsible corporate citizen.

We aspire to consistently achieve the highest level of quality in all our products and services and to be premier in our chosen business. We aim for greatness.

Human Development
Hunza values human resources as the key asset which contributes to the success of our business. We commit training and development, fair remuneration and equal opportunities.

Hunza works as a team to fulfill corporate and individual goals through shared vision, sound communication, mutual respect and trust.

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