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Track Records: Greenlane Heights

Hunza-Land Corporation Sdn. Bhd., first started developing this 4-phase residential scheme in 1988 which houses ten different projects. The first being Block "A" to the final phase, Block "K series" - "Kingfisher" was completed in 1998. Total gross area of development is approximately 40 acres, valued at approximately RM250million comprising 2,400 units of low cost, medium cost and luxurious apartments.

Incorporating an integrated living concept, this development has a commercial complex, wet market cum food court and six acres of landscaped gardens complete with jogging tracks and paths. Located in the choice residential area of Island Park, it offers a unique blend of exclusivity as well as easy access to numerous landmarks such as Penang International Airport, Penang Bridge, Free Industrial Zone and the hustle and bustle of the business centre in the heart of Georgetown. It is a solid middle-class area with good schools and other civic amenities in the vicinity.

For those who appreciate nature....green lush hillsides, good commanding view, this is an ideal residential location. It is also reputed to possess good "feng shui" – the confluence of wind, water, elements of earth or nature, all in harmony.

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